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  • A mini conference hall with state of art facility is made to cater the needs of small conferences and daily reporting. Officers briefing and d briefing is done in the conference hall.

  • With seating capacity of 22.

  • Wooden flooring, Air-conditioning and acoustic is done. Projector is installed.


  • Keeping in view the importance of self-study a library well equipped with basic law books along with-  advanced law book is an added advantage.

  • Library consists of 24000 books excluding.

  • Personality development, literature, language, art and culture books are also made.

  • Books audio visuals are also part of library.

  • E library project is also in pipeline.

  • Reading hall has the capacity of 140.

  • Total 775 DVDs of various experts’ videos and Police related subjects.


  • Keeping in view the importance of rising trend in cyber-crime a well-equipped cyber lab is made available to provide expertise to trainees and in-service trainees in cyber offences investigation and Current trends in cyber-crime.

  • The lab is having 30 computers.

  • Cyber investigation tools, applications and software’s are installed for practical training.

  • I.T. literacy programme for teachers and administrative staff.

  • E-learning made compulsory for all teaching staff.

  • Govt has approved new cyber lab proposal in which 60 computers and all related infrastructure are being provided.

  • Videos, Documents & PPT’s of experts provided to all officers at their e-mail.


  • Innovative steps has been taken to give basic outdoor training.

  • Salute,march,savdhan vishram and drill improvement is the major area where drill nursery-  act as a best trainers to trainees.

  • Amazing corrective measures are made available in the form of mechanics and mirror.


  • Forensic lab to conduct practical training on evidence collection, preservation of evidence and processing of evidence is made available.

  • Different crime scenes are created to teach the trainees to get acquainted with various types of offences and forensic evidence collection.


  • Horse riding training is given to gazatted officers during induction training.

  • New horse stable building is constructed.

  • There are 6 horses of different breeds.

  • Trainees are being trained by Well qualified trainers.


  • The Outdoor Rock Climbing Wall should offer the following facilities:-

  • Top Roping Climbing ”” a safe technique of climbing for beginners where the climber supported from and anchor on top and belayer is anchored on ground.

  • Lead climbing ”” a technique used by advance climbers who anchor themselves as they go along the assent.

  • Rappelling ”” A technique of controlled decent, most enjoyable and spectacular activity apart from being most useful for sliding down a building face.

  • Dimensions and Type ”” It should be 10 to 12 m high and at least 1.5m wide for each simultaneous climber. To reduce cost the super structure should obtain support strength from an existing building / Wall which has concrete pillars for anchorage. The shape of the wall should lend itself to practice.