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Maharashtra Police Academy is a pioneer institution in the Country with all modern training facilities available to impart proper training to different ranks of police officers. It is heartening that the Academy, also trains officers of State Forest, Excise, and Transport Departments, apart from police officers. The expectations are high. Unfortunately, very little attention is given to time-to-time physical and mental training of the police personnel. What is necessary is that they should be trained enough to become sensitive to the demands of the common man and the system of responding. Training programs aim at responsive minds that are open to new ideas. There is also a need for ethical decision-making, which will inspire the coming generation of police officers. The Maharashtra Police Academy has completed 100 years of excellence in 2007. This institution is renowned for producing tough, efficient, dynamic and emotionally intelligent officers.

Maharashtra Police Academy is dedicated to the cause of preparing leaders for the Maharashtra Police who will lead the force with courage, righteousness, sincerity and a strong will to uphold’ the law and the Constitution and serve the people. The Academy will infuse values of integrity, dedication, respect for rights of all persons, sense of justice, need for maintaining physical fitness, mental alertness at all times and a strong sense of desire to serve the community. The Academy will sensitize the officers to the emerging challenges and kindle a spirit of innovating solutions in the service of the people. The Academy will build a strong urge to uphold the dignity of service in the officers. The Academy will serve as a centre for excellence and good practices and offer operational research on police subjects. The Academy will also focus on providing training to the trainers of the state so that they remain in constant touch with the latest training practices.

MPA has been honoured for her contribution in the nation building by Indian Post, Ministry of Communication by issuing a Commemorative Stamp in September 2007. MPA is also awarded with ISO 9001:200 Certification for her Quality Management Services. MPA is one the very few institutions of the nation having rich training heritage, traditions and history of more than 100 years. MPA celebrated her Centenary by organising the Ceremonial Parade and various programmes.

The root of MPA lie in the PTS (Police Training School Pune) which started in 1906. In 1908 the PTS was shifted to Nashik. The Police Training School was renamed as Police Training College in the year 1961 after the formation of the Maharashtra State. The Government of Maharashtra further upgraded PTC by renaming her as Maharashtra Police Academy and presented her with Regimental Colour. In Feb 2016 Government of Maharashtra took Landmark Decision by issuing GR and awarded Autonomous Status to MPA.-  Since inception, MPA is providing training to Deputy Superintendents and Sub Inspectors of the Maharashtra regularly. Before the establishment of Central Police Training College at Mount Abu in Sept 1948 the training to Bombay Province (Gujarat, Sindh, and parts of present day Karnataka) Indian Police Officer was conducted at MPA. Officer of Goa, Pondicherry and Dadara Nagar Haveli have also been underwent training at MPA.MPA provide basic training to Dy.sp, PSI and the IPS also to state Goa Police on their request. To meet the demand of modern dynamic policing and to add value and sharpen the skill of in-service officers MPA conducts in-service training on various subjects which are important and advanced.

MPA Autonomy

Maharashtra Police Academy is the only institution for training of Police officers in the state. It impart training to the officers of Transport Department, Excise Department, and other departments. In order to give independence and overcome the administrative delays in planning training, designing syllabus, deciding examination and valuation methods and to make the courses more professional and dynamic, Maharashtra Government awarded Autonomous Status to MPA. Now it is the apex training institution of the State Police. Maharashtra Granted status to MPA vide G.R. dt. 05.02.2016 No. TEX -0305/Pra.Kr.150/Pu.Ba.203/Pol 5 A


There are various objectives enumerated in GR, such as
1. Giving Advice to state regarding the Police management, training, laws, rules and implementation.
2. Conducting Training of DySP and PSI.
3. Training the officers of other departments on security, law, cyber-crime, terrorism and scams.
4. Signing MOU with various universities to undertake study and research on various police subject and projects, Making Police highly professional, etc.

Maharashtra Police Academy, Nashik

Govt. of Maharashtra Granted Autonomous status to MPA vide-  G.R. dt. 05.02.2016 No. TEX -0305/Pra.Kr.150/Pu.Ba.203/Pol 5 A.

Board of Governor.

  1. Chief Secretary, Government of Maharashtra -President
  2. Addl. chief secretary (Home), Home Department- Vice president
  3. Addl. chief Secretary/ Principal Secretary (Finance) Government of Maharashtra – Member
  4. Director General, (BPR&D), New Delhi, or their representative not less than the level of Inspector General-  – Member
  5. Director General (SVPNPA), Hyderabad-  – Member
  6. Director General of Police, Mumbai – Member
  7. Commissioner (Intelligence) State Intelligence Department,-  Mumbai-  – Member
  8. Addl. Director General of Police (Training & Special Units), Mumbai -Member
  9. Director General, Yashada Pune-  – Member
  10. Director, Maharashtra Police Academy, Nashik -Member Secretary

Executive Committee – – – 

  • Additional Director General of Police (Trg. & Spl. Unit)- Chairman
  • Principal Secretary. (Home)/Representative not below Dy. Secretary – Member
  • Jt, C.P. Admin, Mumbai – Member
  • Inspector General of Police (Establishment) -Member
  • Director. Maharashtra Police Academy, Nashik – – Member Secretary
  • Finance Consultant / Account Officer- Member