Administrative Building

The edifice from where emanate all decisions pertaining to policy and administration of day to day affairs of the academy is shown in the picture above. The authorities that deliberate and ensure smooth running of the academy viz. Director, Deputy Director, Superintendents of Police and the faculty are accommodated in this building. This structure has historical significance in that it depicts the European architectural design of the early 19th century.


Parade Ground

A strong and disciplined personality inspires confidence, and it is here that the trainees are moulded into strong and confident officers.
From five thirty in the morning every day, the trainees fall into their designated platoons for stamina building and exercise that makes them supple and strong. They are also given arms training to make them proficient in the handling and use of small and medium firearms such as pistols, self-loading rifles and sten-guns. Grooming the trainees to partake in ceremonial parades is done on a weekly basis in their full uniforms with arms. At the culmination of the training period, the fully trained cadet Police Sub-Inspectors in their impressive ceremonial suits with shining boots and arms exhibit the skills they have acquired during the year of training from their ‘Ustads’, [the drill instructors] who give best of training inputs before the cadets graduate from the academy, in what is known as the “Passing Out Parade”.


Conference Hall ‘Manthan’

The Manthan Conference Hall is fully air-conditioned and is fully equipped with electronic gadgets (Multimedia projector , Audio Visual System, PC & PA system) for presentation. It is the venue of all important Seminars, Conferences, Discussions at M.P.A., Nashik.


MPA Hospital

The Academy has a Hospital with two Medical Officers and a physiotherapy unit. Specialists in various fields visit the Hospital and provide treatment . It is headed by a Staff Surgeon of the rank of Senior Medical Officer. All trainee officers can utilise the available facilities for medical attention. For serious ailments, the Academy draws upon referral hospitals in Nashik.



M.P.A. has a well equipped gym. The outdoor gym is a novel concept and it is very effectively used by cadet officers.




Swimming Pool


Cyber Lab

The Academy has a well established Computer Centre. All Officers Trainees and participants of in-service courses are given training on use of Computers and Cyber Crime Investigation. The Academy has more than 150 P.Cs. & Multi-Media computers. DLP projection facilities are available in all the class-rooms and the conference halls. All the faculty members are also provided with Computers in their offices. The Academy has a campus-wide network with Wifi & Fibre-Optics back-bone. All the sections of the Academy are connected through LAN. Dedicated Internet connection leased line is also available in the Academy for fast Internet access. The Academy has High-end Scanners, CD Writers and Laser network printers. In addition, the Academy also has some specialised Police softwares like CIPA, CCIS ,CRIME SIMULATION, etc.


Firing Simulator

Simulated firing range for giving firing practices to the trainee officers is available in the Academy. The surprise element in this range is the main factor which tests the response time and alertness of the firer.


Horse Stables


MPA Museum

A police museum has been set up for the purpose of education of the trainees officers in the Academy. This museum houses exhibits on wide range of subjects of police interest like the police uniform, badges, equipment, modus operandi, police records, early police publications, manuals, standing orders, crime property, etc. to help the trainees broaden their outlook.



The Academy has an open air theater for movies and open air activities. Auditorium one is Open Air Theater and Second is Indoor Hall. The renovated Academy hall has been fitted with state of art Digital Track Stereo Sound system, with 700 seating capacity.