Passing out Parade of Prob. Dy.SP Batch. 25

//Passing out Parade of Prob. Dy.SP Batch. 25

Basic Training of Probationary Dy.S.P. Batch 25th has been started on 26/06/2016 and completed on 30.06.2017 at Maharashtra Police Academy, Nashik. There were 14 trainee participated. As per revised syllabus, this is 4th batch of training. There were two parts of training, Indoor and Outdoor.

In Indoor Training

There are 13 subject in indoor syllabus.

  • IPC and Mumbai Police Act.

  • Code of Criminal Procedure
  • Constitution and Human Rights, Evidence Act
  • Local & Special Laws

  • Forensic science, Forensic medicine, Cyber crime investigation

  • Investigation Theory

  • Maintenance of Public piece & order

  • Criminology & Crime prevention

  • Investigation practical

  • Police rules/Regulations/ Mannuals

Self study subjects

  • Police organization and administration & Police in modern India
  • Police Station Management and crime control
  • Human Behavior and Management Techniques

Training on above all subjects were given to Probationer Dy.SP by expert & experienced law consultants from this Academy & from Police officer, existing in service as well as retired officers from this department.

Outdoor Training

Special attention towards physical fitness and strength. To increases endurance, Courage, balance of mind, Foot drill, Weapon drill, Lathi drill, commando training, Road- run-walk, Jungle camp, to cross obstacles, Drill, Firing practice, fighting skill, such activities has been taken, Map reading, to handle explosives, Mob dispursal, such training was given with demonstration to Prob. to Prob. Dy.SP during out- door training.

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Personality Development Training
For Prob.Dy.SP batch no. 25 a jungle camp was arrange at post Pahine, Tal-Trimbakeshwar, Dist. Nashik during 31.01.2017 to 5.02.2017. In Jungle Camp, Specially-Field craft, Field tactics training was given to trainees. In that special lecture and demo of judging distance, Night Sentry, Ambush, Road opening, Day patrolling, Short-Run-Patrolling (SRP), Rekey patrolling, Naxal movement, Counter Ambush etc.

Extra curriculum activities for trainees
Horse Ridding, Swimming, Vehicle driving, wall climbing and Rappelling, etc. was made available to trainees as well as etiquettes and manners of mess night also taught by experts. To build up courage and quick response capability to face such as natural calamities, disaster, (earthquake, fire house, flood situation etc.) or untoward incident.

Special professional training
To build up professional attitude and soft skill of professionalism specially planned training courses were designed.
In that training personality development activities, taking responsibility, Handling law and order, Professional Excellence, Policing, ethics & propriety, observation skill, stress management and meditation, Soft skill for Police officer, effect of social environment, Police attitude, Personal & Professional development, Role of Police in society, Mob Dispersal, Above all subjects were covered during training course. A special lecture were arranged on impact of corruptions, subject which was most useful to the trainees. As well as increased naxallism, Terrorism & terrorist activity, ” Counter terrorism & how to collect intelligence “, ” How to identify a terrorist a terrorist Module ”

For Pro. Dy.S.P. appropriate investigation of an offence to increase Conviction rate, Supervision on investigation of an offense, investigation of offense, Enquiry of an application, Departmental enquiry, visit to serious offense & role and responsibilities of SDPOs lectures were delivered by experts.

Experts guest lectures
Personality and soft skill lecture of renounced Guest Lecturers were delivered, Lecturer were arranged by MPA from

  • Late Hon B. P. Bam Sir, (Ethical Policing) Retd. Spl. IGP Nashik,
  • Hon.Ramesh Mahale (Interrogation Skill) Retd. PI,
  • Hon. Herald D’costa (Social Media & its application in Police work) Public prosecutor,

  • Officers specially working on fields,

  • Smt. Vaishali Bhagwat (Ethical Policing),

  • Smt. Vrunda Bhargave (Media Police Image).

Moc- Investigation & Moot court
Demonstration of Moc- Investigation regarding investigation of on offense was carried out by the probationary officer. In this Moc- Investigation, To Register complaint (FIR), special report, Panchnama, arrest of accused, medical examination of accused, statement of witness, post martam, Police Coustodial Remmand, Memorandom panchnama, Forwarding Muddemal to FSL, Filling chargsheet etc. document were got prepared by probationers. Demonstration of Moot court conducted to know about court procedure & trial. Court Room, Retired Judge, Retired Govt. pleader & opposite learned defence council were invited for trial suit. Also Execution of summance, witness of witness person, judgement of Hon. Judge, such process was implemented with example of actual sample case.

E- Learining- E Academy
Information about e-Learning & e- Academy was one of the most important task carried out as the 21st century of information Technology. All trainees participated in E-Academy.

Field Visit
Filed visits were organized to various places to develop sensitiveness towards weaker group of society (Child, Women) and enhance the knowledge about various sectors of society and Govt. agency which are working with us.

Field Visit carried outs as below

  • Child Remand home
  • Women Remand home

  • Jail

  • Visit to Civil Hospitals Post Martin martury & dead house

  • Nashik Printing Press

  • Deolali Army Camp- POP of Officers (This is new surprise function for probationers)

  • Visit to Hon. Commissionrate

  • Visit to Police Head Quarter and Police line

Mess Night

Probationers internal one to interaction with Hon. Director, Jt. Director, Dy.Director’s, Asst.Director’s of MPA for discussing and exchanging valuable thoughts and ideas including their difficulties.

Final Examination

Final examination of overall probation period (including indoor class & outdoor class) was conducted-  during 5/6/2017 to 21/06/2017.

On 30th June 2017 Oath function was celebrated in the presence of

  • Shri. Rajendra Sinha, Addl. DGP, (Esst.) M.S.Mumbai
  • Shri. S Jagannathan, Addl. DGP (Trg. & Spl Units), M.S. Mumbai
  • Shri. Vinaykumar Chaube, Spl.IGP, Nashik Range
  • Shri. R.K. Singhal, CP, Nashik

at this movement report of training has read by course director of 25 batch Mr. Bajrang Bansode.

Chief guest Hon. Shri. Rajendra Sinha, Addl. DGP, (Esst.) M.S. Mumbai gave massage to trainees to honesty and devotedly for the public and weak group of society. This is golden opportunity to you to serve the nation and human beings.

Hon. Shri. S Jagannathan, Addl. DGP (Trg. & Spl Units), M.S. Mumbai appealed probationer to give attention toward duty, health, economic planning and management. To improve public contact and public relation. Work as like your parents should feel pride of your service. Keep learning all time and try to achieve expertness in at least one sector of service.

Hon. Shri. Vijaysing Jadhav, Director, MPA Nashik gave oath to trainees.

Passing out parade ceremony concluded with the vote of thank of Dr. Jalindar Supekar, Joint Director, MPA Nashik.

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